We often get back pains, strained muscles, and stress, so simple tasks such as walking upstairs become herculean. In this era of technology, the best solution to this problem is a massage chair.

These massage chairs are so perfectly designed that they will take you to another dimension where peace and relaxation will become your best friends.

But unfortunately, our budget does not allow us to relax even if we want to relieve our bodies because these luxury items are a bit expensive.

But what if you find a massage chair that is both enjoyable and cost-effective? Yes, it’s possible! Here I will help you find only the best massage chairs under $1000.

Not to mention, these chairs are incredibly affordable to give you the best massage experience. After reading, you will see that prioritizing your budget does not mean getting fewer services.

So let’s dive deep and see which massage chairs have made it to the list.

Top 3 Pick

Budget Pick

Shiatsu Massage Chair

Pacific Pass Quad Camp Chair

Editor Pick


Timber Ridge Outdoor Folding Chair

Overall Best


GCI Outdoor Rocking Chair

best massage chairs under $1000

1 Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair


Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
  • Zero Gravity
  • Fully body massage
  • Intelligent voice control
  • Back Heating
  •  Foot Roller
  • Black color

After a long day of unwanted pressure and physical stress, we must sit and relax. I have found a suitable massage chair to fulfill your needs here to remove your worries.

Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair has zero gravity function, which allows you to recline perfectly horizontally, thus reducing the gravity strain on your vertebrae. Such exclusive features, and yet the price is highly affordable.

Furthermore, this chair improves your blood circulation and alleviates joint pains helping with heat therapy massage.

The zero gravity shiatsu massage chair has eight massage key points to provide better relief. On other hand, most of the other massage chairs lack such rollers.

And if you are a tall person and wonder whether any massage chair will perfectly align with your body or not. Then this massage chair is the right choice for you. But if you are somebody with a height of 6’2″, you might have to add padding.

Apart from that, the chair is excellent in alleviating your joint pains with the help of various airbags with multiple settings. In addition, there’s an air compression function that works wonders in maintaining heart rate.

Use it twice a week after work, and you will find yourself glued to this chair and be surprised by how it gives the best massage experience at an affordable price. Therefore, the Zero gravity shiatsu massage chair tops the list of the best massage chairs for $1000. 

Reason to Buy:

  • Zero Gravity feature
  • Great massage service
  • Auto programs
  • Space saving
  • Easy To Use
  • Affordable Price
  • Valuable investment

Reason to Avoid:

    • Not suitable for taller people

2 Massage chair recliner with zero gravity


 Massage chair recliner with zero gravity
  • Full Body Massage
  • Multifunctional Massage Chair
  •  8 fixed rollers
  • Zero gravity feature
  •  Automatic modes
  • Built-in waist heater

In this era of chaotic life and unending workload, we all desire to eliminate unwanted stress as soon as possible.

Hence, the Massage chair recliner with zero gravity feature is designed to relieve your heart from heavy pressure by using the zero gravity feature, assembled perfectly at an angle of 126° inclination to fit your entire body.

In addition, the chair regulates heartbeat by inflating and deflating airbags located in multiple areas.  

Moreover, this device comes with many unique features, firstly a music system so you can listen to your favorite music while having the massage.

Secondly, the yoga stretch features this chair contains will become your favorite if you do yoga daily. Thirdly, it can be used to increase flexibility with the help of its stretching mode. Most importantly, the minimalist pricing.

In contrast to such great features, there might be some glitches in the Bluetooth settings. But apart from that, this massage chair exceeds your expectations in many ways—for example, with different massage modes with several features.

In addition, this massage chair has a built-in waist heater and small leg heating with various temperature controls that help you lower your stress.

Thus this massage chair is unique in its properties at such a low price. In conclusion, this chair is the best affordable massage chair because of its special features.

Reason to Buy:

  • Full body massage
  • Easy to assemble
  • 5 Automatic modes
  • Affordable price
  • Deep massage feature
  • Whole body air compression system
  • Space-saving design

Reason to Avoid:

    • Bluetooth connectivity problems.



  • Zero gravity
  • Control with mobile app
  • Intelligent voice control
  • Full body massage

If your massage chair is placed in the wrong place, there is a lot of unwanted noise. You would not be able to sit and relax.

Hence, it would help if you had a massage chair that could easily be relocated. That is why SMAGREHO 2022 is designed in such a way to move quickly, as it contains a pair of wheels.

Apart from that, this massage chair has an intelligent voice control application that you can install on your phone. In addition, it has a zero gravity feature that helps you recline horizontally and balances your heart rate. 

 Moreover, this massage chair is perfect for strained foot muscles as it enhances your massage experience with foot massages.

But the neck massage rollers are fixed; as a result, they may only work if you are taller. Another exciting feature is the Bluetooth music system installed. 

Furthermore, you can set any massage method to the way you like, and such massage methods would cost you hundreds of dollars in a traditional spa. Because of the features and services, this massage chair can be considered the best in 2022.

Reason to Buy:

  • Comfortable massage
  • Highly space saving
  • Low price
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Perfect for taller people
  • Varieties of massage methods
  • Voice control application

Reason to Avoid:

    • Certain functions are not adjustable
    • Not suitable for shorter people

4 SMAGREHO Shiatsu Massage Chair


  • Full body massage
  • Zero gravity
  • Lower Back Heating
  • Easy to assemble
  • Footrest Extended
  • Foot Roller Massage

SMAGREHO Shiatsu is the perfect affordable massage Chair for a tall person with various quality massage features at a highly reasonable price.

For example, the Whole body air massage therapy with an enhanced timer, which you can set up for 30 minutes for the whole massage experience.

  And with the help of its Zero Gravity feature, you can rotate the body to zero position. As a result, it will help to improve blood flow in the entire body, which means a healthier heart and overall health.

And this will not only make you healthier but also helps to improve your skin. Just press the “Zero Gravity” button.” 

Besides this, the SMAGREHO Shiatsuchair is especially perfect if you have long and regular working hours sitting on a chair, as this chair works smoothly to relieve back pain.

In addition, it has excellent lower back heating that provides a warm massage to your waist and dramatically improves blood circulation.

 Although the SMAGREHO Shiatsu Massage Chair is a masterpiece in the shiatsu massage chair series, it may not adjust to different sizes. Notably, it is not adjustable for short people.

Despite the flaws, you cannot deny how the foot massage rollers relieve your foot from exhaustion with deep stimulation. Thus proving to be a better mood reliever.

Furthermore, the chair can be assembled quickly in just a few minutes.

Along with these things, the SMAGREHO Shiatsu chair has built-in Bluetooth technology. Connect your device and enjoy your favorite tracks without disturbing the whole place.

Overall, this chair has such extraordinary features at a low price. And any other massage chair would have cost its price greatly for the same features.

Reason to Buy:

  • Value for money
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lower back heating feature
  • Quality Bluetooth earbuds
  • Zero gravity feature e
  • Great for a tall person

Reason to Avoid:

    • Not perfect for short-height people

5 CirC-Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair


CirC-Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair
  • Modern Design
  • Ambient Lighting System
  • Lumbar heat
  • Comfortable seating
  • Great looking package.

When choosing a massage chair, most of you might wonder whether the chair fits in your small apartment or not. To avoid such a struggle, the CirC-Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair is designed perfectly to work in small spaces.

And investing in CirC-Premium SL Track Heated Chair will be a good investment for you and your compact apartment.

Need to mention Back pain is the most common issue these days; for example, research shows that nearly a 16million adults in the USA have a bad back.

Keeping this story aside, what are the real reasons behind it, whether it’s due to poor posture or stress? One universal solution for back pain is a perfect chair with excellent massage features. 

And CirC-Premium has all features to address this problem. For example, CirC-Premium has a heated lumbar seat for heat therapy that slowly heats the lower back so that the blood flow is regulated and all stiff muscles are relaxed. 

Further, its SL massage technology provides deeper massage for the back, neck, and shoulders. As a result, your back will feel so relaxed after the massage.

However, the only flaw that this chair has is it may creak from time to time, and its small size may not be able to fit taller guys.

 Moreover, the chair has an ambient light glow built into it, which is not too low and not too bright. So you can quickly calm yourself in the presence of this light.

Apart from all the exciting features, the CirC-Premium Heated Massage Chair is highly cost-effective and is available for under 1000$.

Reason to Buy:

  • Replaceable Fabric
  • It doesn’t need assembling
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable
  • Best for chronic pain relief

Reason to Avoid:

    • Loose stitching
    • Seat pad designs could be made firmer

6 FOELRO 2022


  • Multiple Massage Methods
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bluetooth Audio Play
  • Full Body Massage
  • Foot Rollers Massage
  • Brown color

If you want a full body massage, you should go with FOELRO 2022 because it has various enhanced features, such as fifty airbags, zero gravity feature, different massage methods, and many more that will cover your entire body.

This chair also has the best zero gravity feature, so comfortable that you will feel weightless like a feather. And this chair allows you to set zero gravity in three positions: initial, comfortable, and deep. 

In addition, flexible massage methods are present, which help you adjust the intensity and speed of your massage according to your wish.

The chair is worth the money; however, it may take time to assemble, and the zero gravity function may not work for people of a specific height.

Most importantly, it comes with Bluetooth-enabled speakers to enjoy fine massaging and fine music simultaneously.

Furthermore, heat therapy is another excellent feature of this chair as it slowly relieves your sore muscles and strained tendons. 

Also, the foot extension of 5 inches makes this chair a blessing for taller people. In addition, the chair can be easily relocated from one area to another as it contains wheels.

So it’s a perfect choice if you are looking for various features at an affordable price. 

Reason to Buy:

  • Low price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good massage service

Reason to Avoid:

    • The chair may overheat


About 70% of the population goes through one stroke of back pain during their lifetime. Hence, back pain treatment can lead to expensive physiotherapy, which can cause an economic burden.

But once you invest in a massage chair, you can save yourself from long years of financial stress and health issues. 

In addition to being extremely affordable, they can alleviate your physical pain, and the music system installed in some of them can significantly please your mental health.

Furthermore, they have a list of advanced features; for example, they can reduce pain from a stiff neck, enhance your flexibility, regulate your heart rate, and improve your better sleep hours. 

Hence, depending on the information provided above, I have concluded that these massage chairs can replace your traditional spa massages by providing pain control and modifying your quality of life with their multiple features at an affordable price.

What a blessing the thing proves if you have an engaging schedule. In addition to this, They are highly cost-effective as well.

No matter your size or shape, the best massage chair for under $1000 is available. So what else do you desire?

Which full-body massage chair is best?
When it comes to full-body massage chairs, the FOELRO 2022 is the clear winner.
Not only does it offer a wide variety of massage techniques, but it also comes with built-in heat and air system that can be customized to your needs.

In addition, the FOELRO 2022 comes with a built-in music player, so you can relax and enjoy your massage without having to worry about outside noise.

Finally, the FOELRO 2022 has a sleek and modern design that will look great in any home. If you’re looking for the best full-body massage chair on the market, the FOELRO 2022 is a clear choice.

Is it OK to sit in a massage chair every day?
Sitting in a massage chair daily is not advisable as it may lead to some problems. According to experts, one should sit in a massage chair no more than three to four times a week.

Sitting in a massage chair daily can lead to dependency, and you may not feel the need to do other activities to keep your body active.

Sitting in a massage chair daily may also lead to muscle imbalances and discomfort in the neck and shoulders.
Therefore, using a massage chair only three to four times a week is best to complement it with other activities to keep your body active.

How long do massage chairs last?
 Proper care and maintenance can easily last 15 to 20 years. It can offer some relief from back pain. The heat and vibration of the massage chair can help to loosen tight muscles and improve circulation.

Additionally, the chair’s contours can support the spine, helping to align the body and reduce strain on the back.

Q: What is a massage chair?

A: A massage chair is a piece of furniture designed to provide massage therapy to the user.

Q: What is the benefit of using a massage chair?

A: Massage chairs can help relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and improve circulation. They also offer the convenience of being able to get a massage in the comfort of your own home.

Q: What is the best massage chair under $1000?

A: There are many great massage chairs under $1000, but some of the top options include the Real Relax massage chair and the Shiatsu massage chair recliner with zero gravity.

Q: What kind of massage modes do massage chairs offer?

A: Different massage chairs offer different massage modes, such as shiatsu massage, air massage, and compression massage.

Q: Are massage chairs suitable for everyone?

A: It is generally safe for most people to use a massage chair, but it is recommended that individuals with certain medical conditions, such as arthritis or pregnancy, consult with a doctor before using one.

Q: Do massage chairs offer a full body massage?

A: Yes, many massage chairs offer a full body massage using massage rollers and airbags to target multiple areas of the body.

Q: What is zero gravity in a massage chair?

A: Zero gravity refers to a reclining position that helps distribute the user’s weight evenly across the chair, reducing pressure on the spine and improving circulation.

Q: What is shiatsu massage?

A: Shiatsu massage is a type of massage that originated in Japan and involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to improve overall health and well-being.

Q: Can the massage intensity be adjusted in a massage chair?

A: Yes, many massage chairs allow users to adjust the massage intensity to their liking.

Q: Where can I buy a massage chair?

A: Massage chairs can be purchased at furniture stores, online retailers, and specialty massage chair stores.

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