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Jane holds a degree in Interior Design from the New York School of Interior Design, one of the top-ranked interior design programs in the United States. She has honed her skills in understanding the dynamics of interior space and how the right furniture can completely transform it.

Emma Miller is a professional interior designer and a passionate advocate for accessible, stylish furniture. Her journey began with the personal experience of accommodating her daughter’s needs with affordable and stylish chairs. She realized the importance of such pieces of furniture not just in her life but for many others who face similar challenges.

Passion for Interior Design and Furniture After graduation, she turned her passion for interior design and furniture into helping others. She founded ChairReal, a platform dedicated to assisting people in finding the perfect chair for their homes, offices, or businesses.

At Chairreal, Emma Miller curates a wide selection of chairs, considering various aspects like comfort, aesthetics, and affordability. Whether you’re looking for a new office chair, a dining room set, or a comfortable place to relax, Chairreal is your ultimate destination.

Emma Miller is also passionate about the advancements in furniture design. She shares her experiences and opinions about how these designs can affect everyday users and how they can be leveraged for maximum comfort and aesthetics.

In addition to these activities, Emma Miller enjoys using social media for networking and staying in touch with friends and family. She loves sharing her interior design projects and furniture selection insights on her blog and social media platforms.

She often assists friends and family in choosing the right furniture for their needs, who often come to her for advice regarding their furniture-related queries.

Other interests Emma Miller’s passion for interior design and furniture extends beyond practical usage. She enjoys the artistry of furniture design and is keenly interested in the evolution of furniture over the years.

Besides her professional interests, Emma Miller is passionate about reading design magazines and watching home makeover shows. Her favorite designer is Joanna Gaines and her favorite show is “Fixer Upper.”