If you are somebody over 6 feet, nobody can relate to your struggle with finding the right massage chair. That can match your height because most massage chairs are designed for people of average height.

And the massage chairs which are designed for short people might not be as effective for taller people.

Also, not all massage chairs give the same types of massage. And his/her feet might be dangling in space of a six-foot and more buddy, or his head may be just not adjusted well to the neck massage.

In the end, the only choices that are left behind are far more expensive and impractical.

So frustrated where to find a massage chair that perfectly fits your tall body? Well, we have the perfect solution for you.

Here we have hunted the five best massage chairs for tall person that precisely will align with your body and provide you with a massage like heaven.

Top 3 Pick

Budget Pick

OWAYS Massage Chair

OWAYS Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Editor Pick

IBooMas 2022

IBooMas 2022

Overall Best

Kahuna Superior SM-7300

Kahuna Superior SM-7300

Best Massage Chairs for Tall person

1 OWAYS Zero Gravity Massage Chair


OWAYS Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • Smart Body Scan
  • 3D massage
  • SL Track Design
  •  V-wrapped Design
  • Weight Limit: 330 pounds
  •  Thai Stretching

Most tall people are constantly worried about if their selected massage chair will rightly accommodate their body type or not.

Well, OWAYS Zero Gravity Massage Chair, with its full body scan, has appeared to be the perfect solution for this problem.

Its zero gravity feature balances the centre of gravity on your buttocks, adjusting perfectly to your body posture so that you feel weightless.

Moreover, the air massage function modifies the chair according to your body type. Thus, it excellently relieves sore muscles in your body and proves to be a massage expert.


Another game-changing function is the SL track design combined with the Thai stretching mode. Due to the SL track, your body fits this chair, and the Thai stretching mode serves you best with its amazing massage therapies.

And these therapies include shiatsu knocking, kneading, clapping, tapping, rolling, and various massage modes. However, the remote control may not be simple, and the chair may emit some radiation.

OWAYS Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Furthermore, this chair is not only efficient in performance but also space-saving as well. In addition to that, Bluetooth can be connected to the iPhone 12.

So that you are not only getting a physical massage but mental relief as well. From a price perspective, it is the best budget massage chair.

best budget massage chair

Reason to Buy:

  • Excellent zero gravity feature
  • Various massage modes
  • Fully body smart scan
  • Lifetime warranty

Reason to Avoid:

    • Difficult to use remote control

2 Kahuna Superior SM-7300 Massage Chair


Kahuna Superior SM-7300 Massage Chair
  • 5 Auto programs 
  • 4 special programs
  • Dual Air-cells 
  •  Zero Gravity position
  •  Space-Saving Technology
  • LED Lighting Design
  • Foot Massage

This massage chair is a complete package with great massage features. And it comes with many premium features to deliver the best performance.

For example, Kahuna Superior includes 9 different programs, 5 auto and 4 special automatic programs, perfect for all body directions, and each one provides significant benefits.

Kahuna Superior SM-7300 Massage Chair

The auto program includes various massage modes, including yoga stretching, pain relief, relaxation, and fast recovery. And each one provides a deep-tissue massage.

At the same time, the special automatic mode has 4 unique modes, including office person, golfer, senior mode, and dynamic sport. And all of these programs have unique and special features to deliver the best massage experience.

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair is perfect for tall people on the height and size side. And a person with a 6.5fit height and up to 320 lbs weight can easily fit on this chair.

However, the chair’s seating is not too wide, so it is not perfect for a wide shoulder.

Along with other features, airbags are something special in Kahuna Superior that gives a tough squeeze with three different techniques to deliver an aggressive hip and foot massage. Additionally, zero gravity is another premium thing in this chair.

This feature puts your body in the most effective position to get the best massage experience from head to foot.

Also, its space-saving technology does not take much space at zero gravity position; only three inches are enough from the wall. So, you can easily adjust it with other furniture in the small room.

Furthermore, heat therapy is another key ingredient in Kahuna Superior. And this chair is built with an SL-track with a 6-rollers system that helps relieve back and neck pain.

 Kahuna Superior SM-7300 Massage Chair

Reason to Buy:

  • Premium features
  • 9 unique massage modes
  • Perfect for tall person
  • 3 different airbags techniques
  • Zero gravity feature with space-saving technology
  • Excellent heat therapy massage

Reason to Avoid:

    • Not suitable for large shoulder
    • Not user-friendly remote control
    • A bit expensive

3 Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair


Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair
  •  6 Auto programs
  • Up to 30 minutes timer
  • L-Track massage system
  • Dual foot rollers 
  • Space saving technology
  • 3 Stages of zero gravity

This is another masterpiece from the Kahuna brand that is equipped with many premium massage features. LM-6800 chair includes 6 automatic airbags programs to give an excellent compression massage.

And 4 L-track design rollers provide deeper massage by reaching all areas of the glutes and thighs.

Most chairs have automated scanning technology that adjusts according to height and weight at pressure points for better therapeutic results.

Well, LM-6800 comes with more advanced 3D scanning technology. And you can set it on auto or manual mode

. Manual scanning provides more control to put rollers in better positions, ensuring that they accurately hit rollers on specific points.

No, LM-6800 is packed with many premium features (to give the ultimate relaxation experience) that I have never seen in a massage chair with such a pricing tag. Kahuna comes with full-body double-layered airbags auto program to give compression massage.

_Kahuna Massage Chair

Additionally, there is ​a calf and foot massage with airbags and rollers for an exquisite massage experience. And this is fully adjustable through remote control. However, the foot roller is very hard, which can hurt that specific area.

It is not fair to complete the review without mentioning the zero gravity feature. LM-6800 offers more than one zero gravity position to adjust according to needs.

Although, the older version of Kahuna LM-6800 only includes 2 zero positions. But this model has three zero levels to give a quality massage. These positions will help to get relief from chronic back pai6 Best Dining Chairs for Bad Backs in 2023.

Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair

Reason to Buy:

  • Solid construction
  • Excellent heat therapy
  • Space-saving design
  • L-track design
  • Extendable Ottoman
  • Premium features at a reasonable price

Reason to Avoid:

    • Installation required some expertise
    • Very bad foot ruler
    • It does not support audio music

4 Human Touch WholeBody 7.1


Human Touch WholeBody 7.1
  • 5 Auto-Massage Programs
  • Swivel Base
  • Elegant Design
  • 3D FlexGlide Technology
  • Warm Air Massage Technology
  • Retractable Foot & Calf Massager 

The best massage chair for a tall person delivers a deep tissue massage in various ways. And one of the best examples of such a type of chair is Human Touch WholeBody 7.1.

This chair is specially designed for low-budget users. And its price is much cheaper than all others on the list, even three times cheaper than Kahuna Superior Massage Chair.

Human Touch 7.1 is an upgraded model of WholeBody 5.1 that comes with many new features and massage techniques as compared to the previous model.

For example, the new model includes a new massage mode like rolling, stretching, kneading, tapping, and compression. In comparison, the 5.1 version has Stretch, Tone. Flex and Glide massage methods.

Additionally, this model includes other notable features like BodyMap pro, lumbar heat, and speed adjustment levels that were not available in 5.1.

With the help of the BodyMap pro feature, you can focus on a specific part of the body with a single click that needs a massage for instant relief.

At the same time, Lumbar heat help to get rid of chronic back issues. Moreover, this chair model allows you to adjust Intensity and Speed at three levels.

When it comes to its design, Human Touch 7.1 looks like a gaming or executive office chair. And also has a swivel base feature, which allows rotating chairs at 55 degrees.

However, this chair is missing zero gravity features which is a big negative point. But it is justifiable because most affordable massage chairs don’t have this feature.

However, one major issue with a chair is its height and size. For instance, people with more than 6fit height will not get an ideal massage experience. So, Human Touch 7.1 will not be a suitable choice if you’re too tall.

Furthermore, like other massage chairs, this one is equipped with foot and calf massage. And this feature is designed with CirQlation Technology that puts the legs and foot in an upward direction to improve the flow and circulation of blood in the core part of the body.

However, it will be a niche addition if it includes airbags that perform in a better way to improve the flow of blood.

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

Reason to Buy:

  • Affordable
  • Varieties of massage methods
  • Very customizable
  • Elegant design
  • Highly adjustable speed and control
  • The excellent foot massage experience

Reason to Avoid:

    • No zero gravity feature
    • Not suitable for more than 6 fit height
    • No airbags feature

5 IBooMas 2022


IBooMas 2022
  • Zero Gravity
  • Full Body massage
  • SL-Track Masssage Chair
  •  Thai Stretching
  • Auto body scan
  • 12 automatic programs

This is the ideal massage chair you would want as a tall person. And it has a zero-gravity feature, which offers you to adjust it according to your height. That will massage your neck to the hips and legs, reaching each part of your body.

Furthermore, this chair has heating therapy that comes in 2 different zones. And there is back heating for the lower back area, which promotes blood circulation and relaxes tight muscles.

IBooMas 2022.webp

Moreover, it also includes full body air cell pressure massage for your shoulders, arms, feet, and ankles to relax each part of your body.

But one main thing that makes it stand out is its rolling foot massage, which will melt away all of your stress, giving your body a more efficient massage.

Also, it has dual-zone airbags for noise reduction and an effective massage. The pressure of airbags is great for thighs, arms, and legs.

Overall, iBooMas is excellent for people who love to take good care of their bodies. Because this chair has many massage features that will help helps to relieve tension and toxins.

Best Massage Chairs For Tall Person

Reason to Buy:

  • 3 Levels of zero gravity
  • Efficient massage
  • Auto programs
  • Full body scan massage
  • Easy to assemble
  • The control pad is easy to operate

Reason to Avoid:

    • Noisy
    • Not designed for shorter people
    • No side airbags


These are the 5 best massage chairs for tall people. All the chairs, as mentioned above, have perfect height and size, so tall people can enjoy the massage experience equally.

Also, each chair is standalone with massage features. Although I don’t know your actual height, these chairs can support up to 6fit size.

Furthermore, if you need a massage chair with all premium features and budget is not a concern, go with Kahuna Superior Massage Chair and LM-6800.

On the other hand, if budget is an issue and you still need a massage with all essential features, then go with Human Touch WholeBody 7.1.

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